I moved my blog from Ghost to Publii

I had finally made a blog after spending too much time thinking what to use as the blogging platform. I thought about the options ranging from WordPress to Gatsby and finally settled with Ghost CMS because it was something different and exactly what I needed.

Once my blog is live, I made a post explaining my struggle finding a platform. Anyway, that was the only post I made and no posts for probably the next two months. 

While this was fine until I wanted to deploy my own NextCloud. I thought whether I should get a new droplet/server or a use the same one. But installing the NextCloud on the same server was not an option because of 80% RAM usage (Ghost + other apps).

I though meh, and started searching more for a solution. And then, I found Publii. It is a desktop app (love it) to generate static blog, comes with a good editor and has tons of features (less than Ghost) and customization. Using Publii means that I don't need a server and I can use Netlify or something similar for free and that's exactly what I did. 

I deleted my droplet and forgot to backup my first post, deployed NextCloud on a new droplet and finally built my blog. Now, I can procrastinate writing blog posts without paying for the unused droplet. 

Ghost is still my favorite though. I may probably switch again in future but for now, I am more than happy.

Give Publii a try and let me know in commen... Oops no comments here, for now.