Why I Started Writing Code?

Based on my fragmented memories...

I was not really into tech and computers since childhood but I was into Science and I liked trying different things, sometimes - curiosity would be a good word to use.

My first desktop PC was a Pentium II with probably 64 MB or 128 MB RAM. I did nothing on that PC except playing Motocross sometimes (rarely).

Then after some years I got a Pentium III, then another Pentium III and then finally Pentium 4. And, that's when it started.

The PC was infected with some kind of virus and even though after spending lots of money on repairs and other things - the virus always came back to corrupt the OS but I did not know that. I also did not know how to reinstall Windows to save money from technicians. 

Then two people taught me two things. One taught me how to install Windows. It was way easier than I thought but I was always afraid to try and never tried on my own. The second person taught me about virus and how I can avoid the virus by not double clicking on the drives.

Later, my dad bought what I wanted for years - an Internet connection. It was a wireless phone with 115 Kbps connection speed. It used to cost 2 rupees for 20 minutes and I was only allowed to spend 100 rupees per month on it.

It was a precious resource and I did not want to waste it so I started learning and reading a lot of things, ranging from Science to what not.

Now, after visiting those websites I wanted to make my own website but I did not how to make one. So, searched and found a Drag n Drop website builder, which was Yola. I signed up and finally made my first website which is still live and can be accessed at http://faheemsite.yolasite.com. It was somewhere in 2010 or 2011.

My first website I made using a drag and drop website builder
My first website I made using a drag and drop website builder

The website was great. But it was limited. I wanted more features which was not available so I started looking for alternatives.

Then I found web.com but it was not drag n drop - I had to write code. And this is when I started learning HTML and CSS using W3School.

When was the first time I used a PC?

In my school. The first thing I typed was my name "FAHEEM". I did not know how to remove a character. Backspace key was a life saver.