Hi, I am Faheem.

I am a JavaScript developer and I help businesses become more efficient by building Web Applications, which saves time and automates some processes.

My primary skillset


Ways I can help

These are some of the ways I can help

Not sure or confused? Message me


Fix it Faheem!

My best seller. Found a bug in your code but don't have time? I may help.


Web Application

A custom Web App for you or your business to become more efficient.



Some tasks can be automated and done in minutes instead of hours.


Custom Request

Need something else? Not sure? No problem. It's free to message me.


A simple process

1. Chat

Simple chat to discuss the project, budget and timeline

2. Technical Chat

Discuss and finalize the technical side of the project.

3. Quote

Get quote, and make 50% upfront to get started

4. Development

Code -> Stage -> Review -> Repeat

5. Deployment

Deployment to the production server after final payment

6. Support

Support and maintenance, if required

Thank you for working with me


Feel free to send any queries. Or just say hello.